Should I worry about Facebook’s new algorithm?

Many businesses and brands are expressing concern over Facebook’s effort to keep friends and family in subscribers’ news feeds, and place less emphasis on business pages.

Our advice is to not worry about the algorithm; rather, work with it.

Two fundamental things have not changed: first, Facebook users primarily want to see updates from family and friends. They do not, in general, scroll their feeds to shop. Second, Facebook has always made the user experience first and foremost over advertisers.

Facebook has determined that if users are happy, ads will continue to be relevant and impactful.

We – brands and advertisers – want users to continue to use and enjoy Facebook. This social networking tool allows us to be where our customers are, and that’s powerful.

Our advice to brands is this: Engage your audience.

On posts, more engagement means more impressions, and more appearances in news feeds. What do your followers share and comment on? These are the kinds of posts you want to offer regularly.

There’s another way to engage your audience. Let them know that they can “opt in” to have your page continue to appear in their news feed in 2 simple steps. 1) Go to the business’ page and hover over “following” button. 2) Select “see first.”